Tuesday 15 November 2011

Flameless Candle Snowman, Snowman Canning Jar 2011

Flameless Snowman Candle

©Copyright protected Marilyn Wallace 2010
Materials Needed Canning jar
small White anklet socks
Tea Lights
Glue gun with Hot glue sticks
Fake snow Decorations for small top hat
Black Bristol board

INSTRUCTIONS I used a small canning jar. Remove lid. Place a while anklet over the bottom of the jar....Tuck open end of sock inside jar...This is just a small amount... I bought mine in Walmart. Paint on eyes, nose & mouth..... or google pic of snowman & cut out & glue on eyes & nose.... I used end of brush & dipped into black, acrylic paint & put dots on for mouth..... Flameless Snowman Candle/pg2 For Hat: Use Black Bristol Board Cut a strip 9 7/8” x 1 5/8” wide.....Hot glue this around the jar lid making pleats as you go to gather it in.... Cut the top which is a 3 “ circle & hot glue to top of ring.... You do not use the lid..... Cut out the brim of the hat.... which is a 5” circle.... Cut the centre hole 2 7/8 “.... I used a Martha Stewart Circle Cutter & my circles were perfect....I found it easier to cut the middle circle first. Place tealight inside jar .... Place brim over the ridges of the canning jar....then place the top hat on the jar If you wish cut a little x in the top hat....& place tealight flame inside this... It doesn’t need to be glued.... The little top hat can be removed carefully, as it is not glued, to turn off & on the tealights.... Decorate the top hat as you wish.... I used fake snow in a jar, ribbon & snowflakes using my Martha Stewart Punch...... Looks nice in daytime or at night......

Here is my craft for the grands this year... I used a canning jar & decoupauged pale blue tissue paper on it to make the background.....I cut out Snowmen tissue paper & decoupaged to the front..... I glued one Snowman over top  another Snowman so the Snowman would show better....Make sure you line up or you will have 4 eyes...

I placed a tealight inside the jar & also glued one to the inside of the lid so it would shine downwards to light the jar better....Drill a small hole ~ just enough room to expose the on/off switch at the top of the jar cap..... ...  I cut a 5 1/2 in circle from material & placed the cap over top....Cut a small opening in the material with scissor to expose switch...  I hot glued the material to the cap & glued the cap with material into ring... I cut a short piece of material to wrap around the top of the jar....When I tied the material around, I inserted a piece of cinnamon, breaking it in half for the aroma to escape..

I like placing my Snowman Canning Jar in a window in the daytime as the light shines through it making it look like stained glass.....The colours just pop....whereas at night they have a muted tone....


K @ Aurora Blythe said...

So lovely of you to follow my blog! Was great meeting you today, Marilyn. Your snowman jar is so adorable. What a great use for canning jars!

MKHOE said...

Thanks K.... I loved your blog..... Marilyn