Thursday 30 December 2010

Shark Cloth has been found

Shark Cloth by Marilyn Wallace
use 4mm knitting needle

Cast on 40
Row 1: p1 k1 across row
Row 2: k1 p1 across row
row 3: p1 k1 across row
row 4: k1 p1 across row
row 5: p1 k1 across row
row 6 B5 (border 5), k30, B5
row 7: B5, p30, B5
row 8: B5, k30, B5
row 9: B5, p30, B5
row 10: B5, k30, B5
row 11: B5, p30, B5
row 12: B5, k30, B5
row 13: B5, p30, B5
row 14: B5, k30, B5
row 15: B5, p17, k1, p12, B5
row 16: B5, k11, p2, k17, B5
row 17: B5, p17, k2, p11, B5
row 18: B5, k11, p2, k17, B5
row 19: B5, p4, k1, p7, k2, p3, k2, p11, B5
row 20: B5, k8, p12, k4, p2, k4, B5
row 21: B5, p5, k1, p3, k17, p4, B5
row 22: B5, k3, p22, k5, B5
row 23: B5, p5, k21, p4, B5
row 24: B5, k6, p13, k2, p1, k2, p2, k4, B5
row 25: B5, p3, k2, p8, k9, p8, B5
row 26: B5, k11, p5, k10, p2, k2, B5
row 27: B5, p1, k2, p11, k4, p12, B5
row 28: B5, k12, p3, k15, B5
row 29: B5, p15, k2, p13, B5
row 30: B5, k13, p2, k15, B5
row 31: B5, p15, k1, p14, B5
row 32: B5, k14, p1, k15, B5
row 33: B5, p30, B5
row 34: B5, k30, B5
row 35: B5, p30, B5
row 36: B5, k30, B5
row 37: B5, p30, B5
row 38: B5, k30, B5
row 39: B5, p30, B5
row 40: B5, k30, B5
row 41: B5, p30, B5
row 42: k1, p1 across
row 43: p1, k1 across
row 44: k1, p1 across
row 45: p1, k1 across
row 46: k1, p1 across
row 47: BO

Friday 24 December 2010

Wreath Made with Coffee Filters

Here is the link I used from Martha Stewart to make my coffee filter wreaths......The only difference is that I glued the two coffee filters together with a dab of glue from my low heat glue gun.... I didn't want the filters to come apart so I took this extra step..... This hardly took any time at all & I love the ruffles......

Saturday 18 December 2010

Christmas Balls with Secret Ingredient

I created a stand for my Christmas Ornaments by placing a large circle of glue on my glue pad & placing the ball in the circle of glue..... When it dries well, the ball will remove easily with the glue intact & voila you have a bottom that allows the ball to sit perfectly.... I bought little vinyl sayings at Walmart & placed them on.....Perfect little homemade gifts......Wouldn't they look pretty as place settings.......

The secret ingredient is liquid Pledge floor shine .....It helps if two people work this craft or be very prepared if doing by yourself..... I had all the caps off & the bottles opened before starting.... Pour the liquid floor shine into the clear ball & swirl around... Dump all the liquid back into the original bottle.... Quickly pour in the Martha Stewart fine glitter using a fair amount.... Make sure the entire inside of the ball is covered with the glitter...The secret here is to work quickly before the floor shine dries....Place cap back on your glitter ball....I used my 40% off coupon at Michael's to buy the Martha Stewart Fine Iridescent Glitter....I bought some little stickers from Walmart that say things like, Smile, Wonder, Love etc. & they are just adorable......

I bought my clear balls in Michaels at the Cambridge store as they were on for less than half price & they had a large supply.....

Monday 13 December 2010

Lighted Christmas Gift

Materials Needed
Clear plastic tote ( I used 11"x14")
Strand of clear Christmas Lights(25)
Red Plastic Outdoor Ribbon(Canadian Tire)
Frosted Contact Paper(Home Depot)
Take your tote(on the back at the bottom) & cut an x opening just large enough so the light plug can stick out.....Just push the plug out & leave the lights inside the tote...

Cut the frosted contact fit your side of the tote...Overlap the corners.... I found it easier to cut each panel separately........The frosted paper makes it look nicer imho... You can't see the light strand as well & it creates a warm glow....Stick paper on all sides on the outside of the tote......

We used heavy clear tape & taped the lights to the insides of the tote walls... This would be optional.....

Place lid on...

Tie the plastic ribbon all around the tote & a bow on the top....... This can be used outdoors as the tote protects the lights & the ribbon is it is very weather proof. Our daughter liked hers so well she uses it in her front hallway.......& it looks charming inside as well.....

Saturday 4 December 2010

Snowman Candle InstructionsFree Patterm

Instructions are sent to you on how to make your own Snowman Candle
Make them for your own craft sale.... Mine were a best seller!!!
People were so intrigued by them