Thursday 5 February 2015

Duo Sided Spa Cloths/Potholders

Duo Sided spa cloths are made the same way as the potholders,  just use a soft cotton for 1 side & a dishcloth cotton for the other side..  One side exfoliates & the other side soothes.  Do not place the heat resistant material between the two sides......  Marilyn

Double Knitted Pot Holders/Hot Pads ©

Designed by Marilyn Wallace

December 12, 2006







2 balls cotton yarn(different colours)

4.5 mm short circular needle (use straight if so desired)

heat resistant material for the lining ( like the silver material used in ironing board)

I bought mine at Walmart for $5.00 a yard….


Using both yarns held together, cast on 23 st.


In the double knitting technique knit for 7 inches.  Tutorial in Double Knitting below…..

Cut the heat resistant material the appropriate size to fit INSIDE your empty pillow…. Fold it in half so the silver part faces out onto both sides so both sides are safe to use….Carefully slip all stitches off the needle & place heat resistant material inside your empty pillow.   Place stitches back on your needle making sure you alternate the colours as before…… Cast off….. This encloses the material in the pot holder with no fuss or muss……


Crochet a hanger in the middle or at the end to hang up……



©copyright protected December 2006 Marilyn Wallace