Tuesday 27 August 2013

Wall Art 2013

I bought a panel of material with the fairy and the rose on it.....plus another white piece to lay underneath.... I bought two large artist panels & attached them together with two  large screws  so they would not separate....I placed the while cotton panel on this & stapled it to the back... I then took the picture panel, centred it & stapled it to the back..... The panel didn't quite cover at the sides so I took another small piece of cotton & stapled it evenly on the sides & folded it over to give it a nice edge...I ironed the material first & folded it in half to make a straight edge....I then ironed the material on the canvas border to make sure it laid down & brought it around to the back & stapled again....My art was ready to hang in about 1/2 hour.... Total cost of all material was $40.00....

Since this picture was taken I painted the wings with MS glitter paint.....Love it!!!