Tuesday 4 November 2014

My New Elvis Purse from Jeanne

Thank you so much Jeanne, I  just LOVE my ELVIS purse... Such a wonderful surprise in the dentist's office no less....This was perfect timing on your part as the procedure did not go as planned...After a lot of needles & discomfort  the healing cap had to be put back on as healing was still in progress..  I have to go back in 21 days & Dr. Nuhn  will see if I am ready to advance to the next step...This time everything will happen that day if things are ready...  I will be sure to take my Elvis purse for good luck...

On Saturday night we are going to Larry's Christmas party & I wanted to get a fancy hand bag...  Well this is it!!!  Such a wonderful memory of you & our abiding friendship all these years...  The card was so beautiful  too!!!  Thanks a million..  

~Love  Marilyn