Tuesday 4 November 2014

My New Elvis Purse from Jeanne

Thank you so much Jeanne, I  just LOVE my ELVIS purse... Such a wonderful surprise in the dentist's office no less....This was perfect timing on your part as the procedure did not go as planned...After a lot of needles & discomfort  the healing cap had to be put back on as healing was still in progress..  I have to go back in 21 days & Dr. Nuhn  will see if I am ready to advance to the next step...This time everything will happen that day if things are ready...  I will be sure to take my Elvis purse for good luck...

On Saturday night we are going to Larry's Christmas party & I wanted to get a fancy hand bag...  Well this is it!!!  Such a wonderful memory of you & our abiding friendship all these years...  The card was so beautiful  too!!!  Thanks a million..  

~Love  Marilyn

Monday 27 October 2014

Cloth Pumpkin

Used a styrofoam pumpkin  ...  Cut a piece of Halloween material & pushed sides of the material into grooves of the pumpkin with the small screwdriver...  I chose a Halloween panel..  This way you have several  different pictures for the price of 1 yard of material that are colour co-ordinated.

Brown Pumpkin

I bought a hard pumpkin from Michaels & painted it with two coats of GESSO, a white primer from Michaels..  I then coated it with my leftover acrylic paint..  I emptied out all my dark coloured paints(5) & mixed in a lot of Martha Stewart fine glitter, all different colours & mixed well & painted the pumpkin with a foam brush. When dry I added Recollection gems from Michaels...I used Gorilla Glue from Michaels to make sure the gems stayed intact....

Friday 24 October 2014

Princess Elsa Pumpkin

I modeled my pumpkin from this site:


I bought a hard pumpkin from Michaels...  I chose the smallest size..  I 
used a foam brush & used two coats of white gesso to cover the 
orange... Let dry thoroughly between coats...I could not find the Krylon  
Glitter paint so I chose a Frozen 
of spray paint.... I took some mod podge & sprinkled silver, fine glitter from Martha Stewart in it & painted it(sponge brush) on when was
dry...  I then added my bling(Michaels..) It didn't want to stick the best so 
I used Gorilla glue (Michaels) to make the bling stick better...  I used  a hot 
glue gun to glue on Elsa crown (Zulily)...

This is for our two you old granddaughter who loves Frozen.....

Wednesday 16 July 2014


Friday 28 March 2014

Sunday 26 January 2014

Prayer or Memory Pillow

Isn't she beautiful.... Just 68 and her first great grandson......She is my friend Jeanne's sister, Carole....

I wanted to make something special for Jeanne as I know her & her sister were so close...This idea just came to me & gently evolved over a two week period....I took a small art canvas & covered it with cotton batting & material by stapling it to the sides...I hand sewed the back  as I didn't want staples showing....I left a small opening to stuff in batting & also for inserting a message or prayer...I printed the pic on a piece of fabric(an old sheet).....Use spray adhesive  on card stock & place material on card stock... Cut to fit the card stock & print using card stock setting.....Pull off the pic from the cardstock & glue on the front...  I added some satin ribbon for a border & made little flowers from ribbon and the sheet...  The ruffles are from the edge of sheet...Just cut about an inch from the elastic & the ruffle is there waiting for you...  I glued two layers of ruffles around the pic.