Sunday 11 February 2007

Loon Cloth

Loon Cloth©
Designed by Marilyn Wallace
May 31, 2006

4 mm circular needles( I knit straight on them but you don’t drop the other needle)
small amount of cotton yarn
B5 means border for 5 st. in seed stitch

How to do seed st. on odd number of stitches & even number of st

Cast on 40 st.
Row 1 seed st. across row
Row 2 seed st.across row
Row 3 seed st. across row
Row 4 seed st. across row
Row 5 seed st. across row
Row 6 B5 k30 B5
Row 7 B5 p30 B5
Row 8 B5 k30 B5
Row 9 B5 p30 B5
Row 10 B5 k30 B5
Row 11 B5 p30 B5
Row 12 B5 k30 B5
Row 13 B5 p30 B5
Row 14 B5 k30 B5
Row 15 B5 p30 B5
Row 16 B5 k30 B5
Row 17 B5 p30 B5
Row 18 B5 k30 B5
Row 19 B5 p4 k21 p5 B5
Row 20 B5 k5 p21 k4 B5
Row 21 B5 p4 k21 p5 B5
Row 22 B5 k5 p22 k3 B5
Row 23 B5 p2 k23 p5 B5
Row 24 B5 k6 p19 k5 B5
Row 25 B5 p8 k10 p2 k3 p7 B5
Row 26 B5 k7 p3 k20 B5
Row 27 B5 p20 k3 p7 B5
Row 28 B5 k7 p3 k20 B5
Row 29 B5 p20 k4 p6 B5
Row 30 B5 k4 p6 k20 B5
Row 31 B5 p20 k8 p2 B5
Row 32 B5 k5 p4 k21 B5
Row 33 B5 p22 k2 p6 B5
Row 34 B5 k30 B5
Row 35 B5 p30 B5
Row 36 B5 k30 B5
Row 37 B5 p30 B5
Row 38 B5 k30 B5
Row 39 B5 p30 B5
Row 40 B5 k30 B5
Row 41 B5 p30 B5
Row 42 B5 k30 B5
Row 43 B5 p30 B5
Row 44 B5 k30 B5
Row 45 B5 p30 B5
Row 46 B5 k30 B5
Row 47 seed st. across row
Row 48 seed st.across row
Row 49 seed st.across row
Row 50 seed st. across row
Row 51 seed st. across row
Row 52 CO

©2006 Marilyn Wallace


Leona said...

Does this loon cloth have to be done on a circular needle? It is beautiful as are all of your cloths. Hope you can reply soon. Thank You.


MKHOE said...

Hi Leona~No, you don't need to use circulars at all... I use the shortest circulars I can find as I like them so much better than straight needles... I knit straight with the circulars.. They are just a lot easier to handle than the big long needles.... You never lose the other needle as it always attached & they are more compact to pack in a knitting bag.... Marilyn

Ellisen said...

Thank you, Marilyn, for this very fine Loon Cloth. I appreciate it very much.

MKHOE said...

You are so very welcome..... Glad you can use it..... Marilyn