Sunday 11 February 2007

Knitted Angel

KNITTED ANGEL from a knitted dishcloth
Designed by Marilyn Wallace
July 2005
Knitted for Peter & Melissa as wedding favours

Step 1

Knit regular kitchen dishcloth, garter stitch every row. This pattern is called Grandmother’s Favourite & can be found on many sites. I do not leave holes on the increase stitch. Just put yo around the other side of the needle to avoid the hole look…. I do a sc along the bottom of cloth. This will be the bottom of her skirt. Find centre of cloth. Roll each side into each other to meet in the middle

Step 2

Keep crochet edge to the bottom, then fold ¾ of the top part down & tie tightly. The little part at the top is now the head…. For better definition put thread through the opening in the head & tie tightly at the top. I sew these ends into the end to hide them.. Take the remaining part of the ¾ fold over & turn them up or unfold them for wings. To keep wings in place I sew them the back of the angel’s head. You have to fiddle with them to get them to look nice.

Step 3

Sew up back of skirt. To make her arms, I knit an I cord arm about the same length from her neck to the bottom of her skirt. The arms are one piece. Sew them tightly onto the body from the inside of skirt, tightly to each side of her……. I usually tie cotton around the very ends to make her appear to have folded hands. I crochet or twist a halo & sew to her head… I buy a fancy heavier goldy thread for this. I stuff her skirt with fiber fill so she will stand...

Step 4

Sew in all ends & voila you have your little angel….
Copyright protected 2005 Marilyn Wallace


Holmes 3 said...

THANK YOU for sharing your pattern.

These little Angels are so easy to make and so adorable; I hope that you don't mind but the group that I meet with is making as many as we can to give to the local hospitals as a sign of Hope and Love for those who do not have visitors.
Jeanette - Patchogue, NY

MKHOE said...

I am thrilled that you are giving them to the hospitals.....I would love to see pictures of your angels..... Marilyn