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Prayer or Memory Pillow

Isn't she beautiful.... Just 68 and her first great grandson......She is my friend Jeanne's sister, Carole....

I wanted to make something special for Jeanne as I know her & her sister were so close...This idea just came to me & gently evolved over a two week period....I took a small art canvas & covered it with cotton batting & material by stapling it to the sides...I hand sewed the back  as I didn't want staples showing....I left a small opening to stuff in batting & also for inserting a message or prayer...I printed the pic on a piece of fabric(an old sheet).....Use spray adhesive  on card stock & place material on card stock... Cut to fit the card stock & print using card stock setting.....Pull off the pic from the cardstock & glue on the front...  I added some satin ribbon for a border & made little flowers from ribbon and the sheet...  The ruffles are from the edge of sheet...Just cut about an inch from the elastic & the ruffle is there waiting for you...  I glued two layers of ruffles around the pic.