Friday 24 October 2014

Princess Elsa Pumpkin

I modeled my pumpkin from this site:

I bought a hard pumpkin from Michaels...  I chose the smallest size..  I 
used a foam brush & used two coats of white gesso to cover the 
orange... Let dry thoroughly between coats...I could not find the Krylon  
Glitter paint so I chose a Frozen 
of spray paint.... I took some mod podge & sprinkled silver, fine glitter from Martha Stewart in it & painted it(sponge brush) on when was
dry...  I then added my bling(Michaels..) It didn't want to stick the best so 
I used Gorilla glue (Michaels) to make the bling stick better...  I used  a hot 
glue gun to glue on Elsa crown (Zulily)...

This is for our two you old granddaughter who loves Frozen.....

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