Sunday 11 February 2007

Baby Wash Cloths

Sweet Baby Wash Cloth©

Designed by Marilyn Wallace

Sept.21, 2006

4.5 mm short, circular needle

1 ball CottonTots by Bernatfabric

marker or fabric paintrubber stamp( I bought my sweet baby at Michaels for $1.50)

This cloth is small as it is intended to be baby sized…..

Cast on 30 st.

Bee stitch is (k1, k1 below, k1, k1 below) instead of knitting directly into the next st. put your needle right below next st. & pull all off the needle

Row 1 Knit

Row 2 k1 k1 below, k1 k1 below across

Row 3 Knit

Row 4 K2 k1 below, k1 k1 below across

Repeat these 4 rows for pattern

In centre of cloth insert stockingnette square 10 st by 10 rows….or desired size of square……..keeping bee stitch as sides

The last 10 rows you knit in the bee stitch pattern…Cast Off.

I took a rubber stamp I purchased from Micheals for $1.50 & using permanent markers I coloured the stamp & then aligned it up to fit in the square……The combination of the Bee stitch & the Bernat CottonTots will make this the softest cloth for baby.....

©Sept. 2006 Marilyn Wallace all rights reserved


Diane said...

How many rows of bee stitch do you do before inserting stockingnette square?

MKHOE said...

I don't exactly remember & I don't have the cloth around still but it looks like I repeated the 4 pattern row twice or 8 rows. It would depend how big you want the cloth.... As long as you leave an even distance on each side it will look ok.....hth Marilyn