Sunday 24 November 2013

Christmas Gift & Card Combined

Next one I will position lower so I can quilt the Chef's Hat
In The Mail Today ~ December 1, 2013

Had this project in mind since the summer........ Finally brought it to life.....Very inexpensive & easy if you like hand sewing like I do....  Found the perfect material.... There were 6 small panels for $7.00.........Use various colours of thread...  metallic red and metallic green.. Buy an 8 X10" canvas art frame... I paid $3.00 for mine at Len's Mill where I also purchased the material....  Take a roll of cotton batting(very inexpensive but I forget how much) and cut 3 separate pieces.  Cut two the exact size of picture but cut the third one so it will wrap around the frame on all sides  and it will also hold the other two pieces in place...  Staple these pieces all together on the frame(front)...Then take your chosen material and cover all over making sure the sides are covered... When the picture is exactly where you want it, staple it to the back as well....(I pinned mine in place to make sure the material didn't shift)... Do the corners neatly......
 Begin to stitch the picture as you wish making sure you stitch into the canvas too.... Pull tightly until puffiness appears..... I had no trouble at all pulling my quilting needle through the canvas, the batting and material....I  used a finger tip protector(Staples)..  It acts as a thimble & helps grip the needle...When stitching is completed cover the back with another piece of cloth by stapling or gluing... This will cover your threadwork on the back side...

I call this quilting for non quilters.... If you would like to make one of your own & need some help feel free to email me


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