Thursday 19 September 2013

Tammy's Blankets

Tammy's Carter Blanket


Jax Blanket ~ love the blocks of Jax


Tammy's New Blanket  for baby Paris Brooklyn Kolfage

She even has the Sorority House in this one, Alpha Phi
Washburn at the top

~Neice's Family~

This blanket is the same one as above but Tammy outlined all the names & pictures.... It looks so terrific.,,
 A lot of work but well worth the effort...

~Tiger Face~

Take a look at Tammy's beautiful blankets... She uses my dishcloth patterns & uses double stranded, acrylic yarn....This makes the pictures stand out so well & she says they knit up very fast... I love the borders she puts on them.... She also knits blankets for veterans.... What a wonderful idea.... You are so creative, Tammy....

Please note:  Tammy used Red Heart acrylic yarn... I used Bernat acrylic but could not get the same results.... Went to Michael's this morning & on holding Bernat & Red Heart ww yarn, Bernat is definitely thicker... Next time will buy some Red Heart....

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