Tuesday 11 September 2012

Wall Art for Cayle & brother Wyatt

I made this wall art for 3 yr old grandson, Wyatt..... I wanted it to look masuline as I was used to making them for dgd's....I bought the art canvas & the tissue paper at The Dollar Tree.... I found the perfect pic at
& cut it out..... After printing on computer paper I  decoupaged it down..... I then printed out the same graphic on cardstock & cut it out & used raised glue dots  to adhere & to  give it some dimension x3.....& placed it on top of the original sailboat picture.....I distressed the edges of the sailboat to give it some dimension.  I cut out by hand "let your dreams set sail" & just postioned them with glue dots not doing the triple effect.... I printed Wyatt in Word Document in the colour blue & glued it straight on the picture.... 

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