Saturday 14 January 2012

Ruffle Scarves

Sashay Yarn by Red Heart

Twist & Twirl by Bernat

Pink Pirouette Yarn by Bernat

This one has sparkles... Pirouette

Pirouette by Bernat

At first I found knitting this to be very challenging as the right hand needle(straight) kept falling out of my hand.....I am used to circs & you just don't need to worry about the right hand needle falling as it is always attached...
I bought a pair of #10 circular needes that were 16 inches long..... Voila, this made knitting this scarf a dream...  The right hand needle stayed in place & didn't budge.....

I tried casting on as Mikey tells us in the youtube video but I think an easier way is to  just move your needle knitting through the back & front of each a zig zag fashion.... Patons site shows a good tut on this method.....

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